Women’s Circles

Sometimes talking with your sisters is all the therapy you need.

Women’s Circles

I offer to lead women’s circles — to continue the time-honoured tradition of women to gather together to share experiences, stories, thoughts, ideas, and prayers.
What To Gain From Women’s Circles

Think of it as a group therapy session for women, a safe space to connect and nourish one another. Drop the mask and show yourself as you are in a place where you feel supported to see one another, to speak, and to be heard. Let’s change the paradigm of being enemies and instead remember that we are sisters. Together, we can heal.

In these workshops, we’ll discuss a range of topics, including:

  • Healing the inner child
  • Connecting with the feminine energy
  • Working on our self-esteem
  • Self-love and self-care
  • Connecting with the masculine energy
  • And so many more.
Women Circle

“Here we gather in this circle space. Sharing words, sharing wisdom, what a sacred place. I light a candle for you as you sit across from me. I hold your hand for support as we heal simultaneously. Together we express our creativity, as we form a beautiful tribe; a community. Lasting bonds, smiles, laughter, and real connection. A place for love, empowerment, self-knowing and reflection. I see you, I feel you, unconditionally, I hold space for you, I hear you as you tell your story. When women join in the circle we soon realise, That we are stronger together, and the further we will rise….”

When Can I Join?

Every month I run this workshop out of Natural Forces shop in Elwood, Melbourne. Each workshop is dedicated to a different topic, so there is a range of things to discuss for women who want to connect with each other and heal together. Bring your friends or come alone. All are welcome.

Women Circle